The Coolest Guy From China

Being the coolest guy from China isn’t easy, considering the size of our population.

But someone has to do it.

So here I am, shouldering this burden without excuse.

You see, being the coolest guy from China takes commitment, determination, tenacity and a great deal of foolishness and self-delusion (I definitely fit the profile).

In fact, being the coolest guy from China is nothing short of a full-time job, especially when I attempt to be cool on such a professional level.

“How can you be cool all the time”, I hear you ask. “Aren’t you sometimes tired, lonely or sad?”

Okay, here’s the trick: When I get tired, lonely or sad, I stop being tired, lonely or sad, and be cool instead.

A revelation to you?

You’re welcome.

Now you must think I’m mad.

Why, thank you very much.

Jokes aside, the three biggest intertwined passions of mine are: traveling, photography and languages. I hope this humble (not really) website of mine would serve as some sort of a curriculum vitae in its original sense. A megalomaniacal name card, if you will.

You might have already met me on the road, in which case I hope you’ll stay in touch with me, either telepathically or, say, through online media (if that sounds easier).

If you haven’t met me (but have somehow managed to read this far), I hope you wouldn’t find me too obnoxious, because I do want to meet you (and even know you) some day.